made with love

Manumaya begins with a love story between a woman and a country. The brand is the result of a fusion between the name Manuela and Maya.

manumaya - Manuela Pinto Gouveia

In 2004 Manuela visits Guatemala for the first time. She is struck by the overwhelming multitude of colors, the abundant and sweet smells, the emblematic volcanoes framing the horizon and most of all – the energy. Fascinated with the country, the culture, its people and the stories they have to tell, Manuela falls in love with Guatemala’s magic.

The exquisitely vibrant colors are what first strike Manuela. Colors are abundant in this fertile country and are manifested in its handicraft, inspired by the many species of flowers and animals.

The gentleness and genuinity of its people is what strikes her next.  This is noted not only in the way they say “thank you” – “para servir le” (to help you) but also in the painstaking and detailed patterns of each piece.

Manuela’s desire to learn about the culture and its people grows.  She is compelled to stay.  The more she discovers about the country and its heritage, the deeper it takes her into the country.

She discovers more about the typical Guatemalan patterns used in each piece.  Each identifies a culture, a people, and a tribe.  Each is absolutely unique in its combination of colors and form.   All pieces are hand-made using a loom and all have a story to tell.


Manumaya – Made with Love