the brand

Absolutely unique pieces. The brand with a story to tell …

Each article has its own history. The number of evenings that were undertaken to complete the article – the stories told, the conversations had and the songs sung while it was being produced all influence the final result. Using these ancestral techniques, each piece takes many days (sometimes months) to complete.

Working with committed individuals selecting those who guarantee traditional methods and quality materials….

Manumaya works only with local artisans who chose the ancestral ways of working, using traditional Mayan patterns. We prioritize the use of traditional dyes and dyeing methods delivering only quality pieces.

Fair Trade – Giving back to the people

Fair trade as described by “Fairtrade International” is an alternative approach to conventional trade.

The Fair trade standards are designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships, securing a better deal for farmers and workers. Manumaya is follows the standards and business ethics of Fair trade International.

The Manumaya Commitment – The Manumaya brand DNA includes a commitment to give back to both individual families and communities.   In this way we contribute to guaranteeing the longevity of the craft.

After having received so much from this country, Manuela is committed to give back to the communities and people who devote their lives to their craft.

Manuela travels to Guatemala each year evaluating both the individual families and communities she works with. Her objective is to actively contribute to those in which she feels she can make a real difference. She then chooses to work with these.

In addition, each year, Manuela identifies different non-profit organizations who contribute to the community. After observing the community needs and speaking to several individuals, she selects NGO´s who she knows make a difference in local peoples lives and supports these.

How you contribute by supporting us …

For each product purchased by you, Manumaya commits to giving a % of its profits back to the communities, supporting local artisans and helping guarantee the longevity of the original patterns and traditional methods.

Manumaya is currently in the process of evaluating which NGO to support in 2016. A list of the supported institutions as well as detail of actions and support will be shared shortly.